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UPDATE: Gone bike riding. Back… ‘later’.
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Stephen and I with our Bromptons


I’m a Queenslander at heart, but very happily living in Melbourne – not for the fashion, the coffee or the culture, but for love – and the weather. Seriously!

Posts may be sporadic – I have a desk job, and after sitting at a computer all week, often the last thing I want to do is look at another screen for hours over the weekend instead of spending time with my partner – and since he’s the only reason why I’m in Melbourne now, doing what I’m doing, that would be pretty uncaring…

But I can’t resist sharing the story and photos from good walks and holidays with family, friends, and others who may be looking to go to the same places, so there’s usually plenty of detail in my posts.

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! (And bicycling!)

: )

17 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi- thanks for stopping by my blog. That’s a gorgeous photo of Cradle Mountain- looking forward to reading about your visit there!

    • Hi Jules,
      I’m planning to write a Tassie post soon… but it won’t be a Cradle Mtn one.
      I haven’t yet because I wanted to get the hang of blogging before tackling Tassie. If you think my other blogs are long, well… lets just say even I’m concerned at what Tassie might unleash!
      I’m looking forward to reading about your travels though – and seeing your photos.
      : )

      • I’m just about to post about Tassie… and plan to break it into chunks. I’m also learning that the art of blogging involves short and sweet. It’s not novel writing– blog readers have short attention spans and sometimes I forget that!

      • Ha! I’m mainly writing to keep my interstate friends & family up-to-date with our travels. If they read the words; well and good. I think most people will probably just scroll through and look at the photos. I’m also writing for my own satisfaction. If other people like it, that’s a bonus.
        : )

  2. Hello Dayna,

    Your title photo brings back great memories of a family holiday one Christmas – playing tennis at in daylight at 9pm, sand dunes, the Great Southern ocean and this!

    • Hi Elspeth,
      Tassie’s fantastic, isn’t it?! I’m working on a few pages about it at the moment. Posts will also eventually follow.
      Your “and this” didn’t work though…? Was it a photo?
      Hope you’re well.
      : )

  3. Hey Dayna,
    Thanks for checking out my blog and for the like. Wilson’s Prom is on my wishlist for next year, so I’m definitely going to be checking back for some tips!

    • Hi Caro,
      Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy reading your posts 🙂
      I hope you get to Wilsons Prom; it’s a lovely place. If you’re planning to do a multi-day walk you’ll see a lot more of the park than we did. We’re hoping to walk to the lighthouse and stay there for a couple of nights sometime (earlyish?) next year. Your travel food tips could come in very handy!
      Happy hiking 🙂

  4. Thank you for the follow, it’s very encouraging.

  5. Loving your blog Dayna – lots of great info and the photos are fabulous! OH and I are doing the MT in November, so your blog about your hike is very inspiring 🙂

    • Hello Victoria,
      Thank you for the compliments 🙂
      I hope you have good weather on your hike. Are you going as independent walkers or with Ultimate Hikes?
      Happy travels! 😊

  6. Hi Dayna,
    I found your blog from the link on Jane’s Mildly Extreme blog, now I have your archives to check out, sweet! I’ve had a quick look at your blog and I’m amazed at your knowledge of our flora and fauna, both you and Jane put me to shame.
    By the way, thanks for checking out my blog.
    Cheers Kevin

    • Hey Kevin!
      Thanks for dropping by 😊
      I’m slowly amassing books in an effort to identify plants and increase my knowledge and accuracy in labeling photos, but I have quite a ways to go yet. Jane is very kind and doesn’t mind my chipping in names (if I can – she’s also very knowledgeable).
      I look forward to reading more of your blog too! 😊

    • I haven’t made time yet to look through many of your past posts Kevin, but from what I’ve seen and read, you’ve done some fantastic walks! And not short on great photos either, which I think is always a good thing.
      Check out Kevin’s adventures at: 😊

  7. Hi Dayna,

    Could you get in touch via email please I have a query about your Tas walk on Ben Lomond.
    Cheers mate

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