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‘Meet at Cow Up A Tree’ – Melbourne Brompton Club ride, 26 July 2015


If you’re not a Melburnian, or at least familiar with the place, receiving instructions to “meet up at Docklands – Cow Up A Tree” could lead to some understandable confusion. But it’s pretty straight forward. We were to meet where there’s a cow up a tree.

Cow Up A Tree

Ta-da! “Cow Up A Tree”

It was looking a bit touch and go in the lead-up to this ride. Not for the cow – it’s been stuck up there for years. Rather it was the weather forecast that was looking decidedly iffy, and it didn’t improve as the scheduled time drew closer. Given the bay-side location of our destination – Williamstown – concerns about storm surges were quite valid if the weather were to turn ugly.

Satelite photo forecasting bad weather for our ride, via Victorian Storm Chasers

Satelite photo forecasting bad weather for our ride, via Victorian Storm Chasers

Thankfully the weather dawned clear and not too cold, though it was a bit breezy in places. Nothing to stop the ride going ahead, so it was off to the rendezvous point.

The glow of a yellow high-vis top waiting up ahead made me think we weren’t the first ones there – and indeed, we were not, but as I pulled up I realised that although the cyclists were waiting for us, they weren’t on Bromptons themselves. What’s more, there turned out to be a whole group of riders waiting for the Melbourne Brompton Club to turn up!

Cyclists gathering at Cow Up A Tree

Cyclists gathering at Cow Up A Tree

As it turned, out riders with the Go Cycling Melbourne group had come to ride to Williamstown with us. Escorts or windbreaks? Take your pick! (as someone quipped). Either way, our group of five had just grown to 13! Six Bromptons, a mountain bike, an e-touring bike, and road bikes made up our motley crew for today’s ride. Fluro tops were trending, but on the whole our clothing was as assorted as our bikes. Once introductions had been made we were finally underway!

Once we left Docklands and crossed over Railway Canal, Stephen and I were breaking new ground on this ride. It was probably a familiar route for the others. We’ve certainly seen plenty of riders take this path before, and no wonder it’s popular. The design is very good; no tangling with traffic, no being left to wait for traffic lights without a button to press to ask them to change for you.

The wind was coming directly at us for most of it, but that couldn’t be helped. At least it wasn’t raining! Given the forecast, the weather was certainly cooperating very nicely! There are long stretches of flat straight road, and a few small rises, but on the whole it’s a pretty comfortably ride especially once you reach Stony Creek Reserve  – from there you follow the waterfront right around to the main street of Williamstown.

Williamstown didn’t seem quite as packed today as it has on previous occasions we’ve visited. (Maybe that’s because we weren’t looking for a carpark this time…) After another re-group we headed down to Gem Pier and the shelter of the HMAS Castlemaine. I have to say it made a pretty good wind-break – pity it isn’t particularly portable. I was already feeling the start of windburn on my face.

The Williamstown riders - photo by Cory (@baudman)

The Williamstown riders – photo by Cory (@baudman)

By now it was definitely time to choose a cafe that could accommodate our group and enjoy a nice warn beverage. I’m not much of a coffee drinker; a hot chocolate is my preferred brew in the cooler months! Despite the heart-sinkingly long queue inside we didn’t end up waiting too long for our orders – just long enough to chat to a passer-by who stopped to ask about our bikes. They are pretty striking, especially in a group.

Bromptons are just so neat! Cafe Cirino was a good place to stop for brunch - Melbourne Brompton Club & Go Cycling Melbourne

Bromptons are just so neat! Cafe Cirino was a good place to stop for brunch – Melbourne Brompton Club & Go Cycling Melbourne

With everyone fed and watered, we stood up to leave just in time to surrendered our places to a motorcycle group who had just parked their rides across the street. Another audience to impress with the convenience of the Brompton design, though I’m not sure we have any converts from their mob.

Departing Williamstown the wind was once again in our faces and riding along the foreshore was a slog. Conditions improved as we neared Newport Park and continued into Riverside Park where there are a few more trees beside the track.

Opposite the old Pumping Station behind Science Works is the Spotswood Jetty where the Westgate Punt collects passengers who wish to cross the Yarra River to Port Melbourne. Stanley, Elsie, Stephen and I bid farewell to the other riders here as we’d decided to take the shorter (and easier) route back to Docklands. Cory farewelled us from the jetty, but didn’t cross the river as it would have been the longer way home for him.

We passed the Pumping Station - it was a location for one of the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries TV shows in the first series

We passed the Pumping Station – also a location for one of the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries TV shows in the first series

There's plenty on room onboard for bikes and pedestrians

There’s plenty on room onboard for bikes and pedestrians

And then there was one - via Cory (@baudman)

And then there was one – via Cory (@baudman)

In a somewhat surprising move, the punt operator offered me the wheel. I thought it was for maybe a minute or two – time enough to get a photo – but he didn’t move me on so I got to steer the punt the whole way across (it’s not that far). Docking was a different story – quite understandably so, though I was happy to give it a shot!

Dayna piloting The Westgate Punt across the Yarra River (photo by Stanley Tan)

Dayna piloting The Westgate Punt across the Yarra River (photo by Stanley Tan)

Returning to Docklands once on the other side is as easy as turning left and following Lorimer Street all the way back to Webb Bridge, though we did take the water side path in front of South Wharf Drive. The gardens along here are really quite lovely. (Thanks to a shower of rain that came through then I don’t have any photos of this section though.) As we came off Webb Bridge and turned onto Harbour Esplanade, who should we see approaching but the Go Cycling Melbourne group who we left at Spotswood Jetty! We weren’t quite back at Cow Up A Tree, but this was where the riders truly spilt up, after a really enjoyable day’s ride – to try to beat the rain home!

For more photos from this ride please take a look at Stanley’s photos or  Cory’s photos (note: both are FaceBook links). You can also check out the Melbourne Brompton Club on Flickr, again courtesy of Cory.

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Author: Dayna

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15 thoughts on “‘Meet at Cow Up A Tree’ – Melbourne Brompton Club ride, 26 July 2015

  1. Hi Dayna,

    I just love the ‘Cow up the Tree’.


    • I have to admit, it took me a couple of goes to warm up to it. I think I read that it was inspired by a tour of a flood- effected area by the artist. It has a pretty sobering note to it, for all that it looks like a giant, painted milk carton up a bare tree.
      Thanks for reading and the comment Clare 😊

  2. I must say the “Cow up the Tree” is the kind of thing I expect to see more in Queensland not in Melbourne! I guess it has been inspired by the artist’s tour of more rural areas though. Unfortunately animals stuck up in trees and fences was a reality during our Queensland floods.
    I think we’ll need to call you Captain Dayna after your foray steering the punt. 🙂
    Great to see a big bunch of cyclists, whether on Bromptons or not. Just looking at the way you are all rugged up to find the wind makes me cold. That hot chocolate would have been very welcome!
    Nice to see some decent separated bike infrastructure there. Thanks for another interesting tour of Melbourne sites. I’m impressed by your fortitude in nasty conditions. 🙂

    • The ride must go on!
      I do wonder what rural people must make of the artwork… maybe it’s a good thing it’s stuck down in Docklands…
      Captain Dayna? Hardly! But it was fun.
      I didn’t get any good photos of the best bits of the bike infrastructure – too busy riding with two hands, but maybe when we (perhaps just Stephen and I) do it again. Might be when the weather’s a bit kinder towards Spring. 🙂

  3. Isn’t it Spring yet? Or is it still our January? I am having a bit more bother with this than I thought I would.

  4. Looks like a grand day out was had by all! The bromptons look super cool parked outside the cafe… Thanks for posting.

  5. Looks like a great day was had by all. I remember stumbling upon Williamstown a few years ago when the hubby and I went to check out the Star Wars exhibition at the Science Works. Silly us hadn’t pre-booked tickets and they were all sold for the day. So rather than catch the train straight back to the city we went for a wander around the pretty Williamstown. I think we may have even had coffee and lunch in the cafe in your photo – it looks familiar and I know we at an italian cafe. One really does see so much more when walking or riding a bike as opposed to driving in a car. Melbourne seems to have a lot of little places tucked away that could be easily missed if driving!

    • So true, Amanda. While I don’t know if Stephen and I will ever be car-less, we do appreciate how much more you discover when you use other means of transport. Especially for the driver – they can enjoy the journey as much as their ‘passengers’!
      I’m sorry you missed out on the tickets. A bummer, but at least you made the best of your day out. 😊

  6. Hi Dayna
    When & where is the next ride?
    I have just bought the bike & can’t wait to meet up with the group & take it out for a spin….

    • Hi Monica and welcome!
      Next ride is scheduled for 30 Aug at 9:30am departing from Enterprise Park. It’ll be an easy-ish ride again. I think the plan is to get some arty photos at some well-known graffiti spots, but I don’t think Stanley’s put the route up on Strava yet…
      Are you on Facebook? The details will be posted there. I’ll also post on Twitter once I’ve got the Strava link to share.
      Looking forward to having you along, Bromptoneer! 😊

  7. Thanks for another lovely bike tour of Melbourne. If it weren’t so bl**dy cold I might even be tempted to go back home! Good on you for getting out and about, even with the threat of inclement weather. Cheers, Paula

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