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Mt Macedon – May 2013

Mt Macedon is under an hours drive west of Melbourne. It’s stands quite high above the surrounding plains and the memorial at the top is guaranteed to be at least several degrees cooler than Melbourne or even the towns near the base of the range. Today for example the maximum temperature reached in Melbourne was 14.5oC. When we reached Macedon (the township at the base of the mountain) it was 9.5oC. At the top of the mountain, it was colder again. Nice in the sun, but even so, foggy breath no problems! Northface jackets and beanies required today!

Incidentally, this is a walk that we’ve done before. We chose this walk today because we were hoping to get some nice photos of autumn leaves.

We joined the track up the mountain on Bawden Road. The road has been widened there just enough to allow a couple of cars to park without causing a traffic hazard. It’s a pretty steep walk through Macedon Regional Park up to the summit where the memorial cross is. The track is not wide, and quite eroded in parts. Some parts get quite slippery in wet weather, too.

From the summit we walked along to Cameron’s picnic area for lunch before heading back. The a walking track extends another 10km or so along the range, but we’ll keep that for another day.

Here’s my map and stats – you’ll see that my start and finish points are different. This is because my watch couldn’t connect to enough satellites to fix my location until I was halfway up the mountain. It certainly wasn’t a fast-paced walk, but it was a cardio work-out on the way up, so hopefully it evens out.