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Nov 2014 – A daisy species – Cathedral Range State Park, Yarra Ranges, VIC


A daisy species

2 thoughts on “Nov 2014 – A daisy species – Cathedral Range State Park, Yarra Ranges, VIC

  1. Hi Dayna, nice to see and read your blog. I am a hiker and have started taking my kids hiking I was wanting to do the Cathedral ranges and do some of the hike, I really want to do the sugarloaf and then to The Farmyard and either continue along the Ridge to Neds camp site or head down to Cooks mill and continue to Neds, I want to camp in Farm yard but not sure if caring the weight up to Sugar loaf peak would be goo idea with my kids? Can you suggest you start and finish point and how long it took you?

    • Hi Mondira,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comments.
      Cathedral Range State Park is a lovely place, and it’s certainly popular with families as we found on our last visit.
      We started and finished our circuit at Jawbone carpark which is just up the hill from Cooks Mill. We did that for two reasons: 1) because we got stuck going up Sugarloaf Peak from Canyon Track last time, and 2) the steep, but shorter ascent to the ridge up Jawbone Track was a more palatable thought than a long slog up Cerberus Road to Sugarloaf Saddle.
      Our walk took almost 5hrs, allowing for a lunch break and my sore legs (as explained in the post).
      We have not walked any of the northern circuit (i.e. Needs Peak, The Cathedral, Cathedral North, Little Cathedral) but from walk notes and other blogs I hear it’s similar to the southern circuit.
      I take my hat off to anyone carrying camping gear up to the Farmyard, but you’ve got to be super fit and pack super-light (or just crazy) if you carry camping gear up and over Sugarloaf Peak like Greg of Hiking Fiasco did (he falls into the crazy category there, by the way). I urge you to read his post before making too many plans. (
      Knowing nothing about your abilities, let alone those of your children, I can’t really advise you, specifically.
      I would suggest visiting the park first, if possible, to see for yourselves what it’s like. Otherwise, equip yourself with as much knowledge as you can prior to heading off. Besides Hiking Fiasco, Neil of Bushwalking Blog has also written about this park – there should be plenty of others. Get maps and most importantly – ask at your local hiking & outdoors shop for advice.
      Happy hiking!
      : )

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